Friday, March 12, 2010

Camel Pose

Well, helloooo there...

I had the best Camel Pose today! Seriously, this is already my favourite bikram pose but it felt really different this time. I 'relaxed' my head and neck...and here I thought they were already relaxed.  I could even see the rug behind me!  It felt amazing.  This is camel pose (but not me, of course):

Breakfast was 2 (count 'em TWO) large smoothies! I have these containers that I carry the smoothies in to work, they are around 600 ml.  Anyhoo, I had 2 of them for breakie...I was soo hungry.  I had a headache after this morning's 6am bikram class. Not sure if the headache was from detoxing or from being hungry/low blood sugar, maybe a bit of both. The smoothie had: Kale (1/2 bunch), handful of spinach, 1 banana, 1 apple, blueberries, 2 small radishes, 2 lemons, tbsp flax oil, stevia and water.  It was DELISH!

For lunch, I went to Mondragon and ordered the pupusas.  They were very, very good.

I also ordered the hummus platter...but that will be for later. I knew that I would be full, but sometimes my eyes are bigger than my stomach.  I'm glad I order it though, now I have some snackies/dinner for later. The platter had hummus (obvs!), pita bread, corn chips, red pepper slices, tomato slices, banana peppers (doesn't usually come with these, but I asked for them) and red onion.

So as far as my challenge goes, I'm feeling pretty good. The challenge is on weekdays since Monday, I've gone to 7 hot yoga (bikram) classes!! I did "doubles" on Wednesday and Thursday.  It was exhausting but amazing. This morning's macrobiotic 'remedy' was Lotus Root Tea.  I liked it better today than the first time I had it earlier this week. Not sure what the difference was, but it tasted more flavourful.  I could really taste the ginger in it too.  Mmmmm...but I forgot to note what the benefits are! Doh! I think it had to do with "strengthening immunity".  Ahh well, next time I'll have to make sure and write it down (or take a picture, which is what I usually do).

Well...adios amigos!!

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