Monday, March 15, 2010

My weekend

Hey, what's up buttercup??  Just a post to check-in...

My weekend was pretty low-key. On Friday, I just went to the spring pow-wow at U of Wpg.  It was some last-minute plans.  It was a great night with Nay-Nay and Princess P. Got home around 10-ish...and I was soooooo tired...especially considering that I wokeup at 5am that day. 

Saturday:  I really, really tried to sleep in! honest! But I ended up waking up at 6-freaking-30! UGH. I guess that's what happens when I don't have wine the night before, lol - KIDDING. So since I was up, I figured that I'd go to the 8:30 hot yoga class. It was nice. Major laundry accomplished today too.  It was also my sister's birthday I called her to wish here a happy birthday.  It was great to talk to her...I love my little sis!  During the afternoon, I went to the play Where the Blood Mixes.  It was EXCELLENT! OMG, I was blown away.  It was funny and extremely moving.  (I cried a couple of times, haha) Afterward, I walked around Portage Place for a bit and tried to look for some tunics to wear with leggings.  I admit that I've been late to jump on the leggings-bandwagon, but I love wearing them all the time now!  I took a bus home and I literally felt emotionally-drained from the play!! It really got to me. So Saturday night, I just chilled at home by myself and listened to old-school songs and went to bed earlish (for a Saturday anyway) at 11:30.

Sunday: I love DIM SUM!!! My Boo and I went to Dim Sum Garden in Chinatown for brunch. They have 'happy hour' from 11-2 on Sundays (2-4 on all other days). We got there around 11:15 and was surprised to find that there was NO lineup. I think the time change had something to do with it because when we left about an hour later, there was a big lineup to get in.  This place is one of my 2 favourite places for dim sum in the city, with the other being Kum Koon Garden.  I was proud of myself for not getting any deep-fried items! Yaay, go me! I usually like to get the spring rolls, but didn't need them this time around. Picked up some movies on the way home: Precious, Hurrican Season and Boondock Saints II. I loved Precious! I'm going to buy the blu-ray version.

Monday:  Hot yoga class at 9:30 am. I took some time off from work to make it to the class. I was too tired to wake up for the 6am class! It was good. For lunch, I swung by Tall Grass Bakery for some lunch. I tried these 2 mushroom turnovers...they were AMAZING!! You should try them!  Then I went to Organic Planet and picked up a sandwich and an avocado. It sounds like lots of food, but it was my breakfast and lunch, LOL! I had 1/2 the sandwich but the avocado wasn't quite ripe, so Ijust left it on my desk to have later this week. 

So I got into this last-minute cooking class:
Thai Delight - Explore the unique and flavourful tastes of Thai food. Learn to make pad thai, tom yam soup, chicken satays with peanut sauce, mango chicken and crisp and refreshing lettuce wraps. Glass of wine is included.
Date: Tuesday,May 11th, 2010
Time: 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Fee: $37.95
Instructor: Cheryl B.D’Souza
Location: Centro Caboto Kitchen

So that's where I'm headed now...toodles!!

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