Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Horoscopes and stuff

Loving my horoscope today:

"There is a fine balance between seeing the beauty in others, and at the same time, seeing what is great about not having someone in your life who has served their purpose. You are changing an alliance. It is not about being cold, it is about honoring yourself."

These sentences really resonated with me. I've been getting rid of things, habits and people in my life that no longer have a good purpose. I have to remember not to feel guilty or angry, when one of these "things" happens to be a person.

Today's class (6am)
Whoa! I was soooo tired thing morning. I didn't wake up in class until the 2nd pose at least. And last night, I had the 'sweats'. (gross, haha) I woke up in the middle of the night soooo hot and I even had the fan on me. Amanda (my yoga instructor) says it's a part of the detox….hmm, I wonder what I'm detoxing out when that happens. I did make a spicy Thai Red Curry dish last night. I wonder if I put too much spice in it.

*** I am going to make an effort to put more entries in this space. I've been struggling to get the motivation to write here. Sometimes I feel like I have nothing to write about….like, who wants to read "I ate this today. I did this today…boring, blah, boring". (haha) But I've been taking some shots of my meals (the ones worth noting) and I'll put those up soon.

Until next time,

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  1. Hi JoJo!
    Yep, I do eat the sweet potato skins...they are a little chewy, but they're good! They have lots of vitamins so I like to eat them :)