Monday, March 1, 2010

JoJo's "Juice"

Whoa, 2 posts in my 1st day??  Somebody stop me!!! ha

JoJo's Juice
This is a 'juice' that I make from time to time, usually weekly.  It contains 4 small-medium carrots, 3 small celery stalks, 1 lemon (I use the whole lemon, including the pith but not the peel or seeds), 3 apples.  This time I used agave syrup to sweeten it up, but sometimes I use Stevia.

I blend everything in my much-beloved Vitamix blender, with lots of water:

And voila! Here is the finished product.  I will usually put it in one of these types of containers, and leave it in the fridge...then whenever we want something sweet (like a juice), it's available in the fridge:

I know that it's not technically a juice, because I blend the fruits and veggies with water, rather than juicing it with a juicer. I call it that because I make it kinda thin like a thick juice or a really thin smoothie. (and I can call it whatever I want to!)

So for my supper tonight, I'm having toast with hummus and some "semo".  Semo is a grain dish from West Africa and we eat it with 'hot sauce' - which is tomatoes, onion, cayenne and salt all blended up.

I admit my supper is a bit on carb-heavy today, but that's ok....I will make up for it tomorrow.

Well, it's almost time for to go to my cooking class...toodles!!!

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